Street sweeper is a car that is being sought in the specialized vehicle market, in the environmental industry in 2022. This is a car that helps sweep trash on the street, clean the street, and not collect dust into the air. thanks to the dust suppression and road washing system. CONECO factory produces road sweepers (sweepers, road dust collectors) according to Korean technology. Enthusiastic staff, technicians with many years of experience, diverse models, quantity, strict inspection bring satisfaction to customers.


Currently, street cleaning is gradually becoming necessary for the environmental industry, ensuring urban beauty, helping to reduce air pollution when there are many vehicles on the road. The use of  street sweeper car  ensures the maximum cleaning function of the street, avoiding fine dust dispersed in the air, reducing the number of cleaning workers on the street, avoiding danger to human life, and saving costs. cost, safety, efficiency.

The image of the 6-block road sweeper HINO – CONECO opens the rear cover to litter

The air in big cities in our country is currently experiencing serious pollution, creating great dangers to human health. Therefore, the issue of green, clean and beautiful environment is of top concern

The solution of using a road dust collector combined with road washing and watering plants helps to overcome the fastest pollution at this time. The operation of this device helps to effectively reduce the load of waste on the road surface, returning urban beauty.

Efficient sweeper, for industrial road sweepers, you do not need to worry about dust because the dust suppression water system in the truck ensures that dust does not return to the air. The cleaning rate is up to 98% including garbage, fallen leaves, gravel. Small rocks on the road.

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  • As the first road sweeper supplier on the market with a wide range of vehicles such as vacuum cleaners, road sweepers combined with road washing, and small tonnage road sweepers.
  • Road sweeper CONECO  cleans up road dust, suction capacity up to 98% including brick, gravel and small stone waste. Imported Chinese cars with weak engines can’t do that.
  • There is no longer the situation of sweeping the road like dusting like some old road sweepers imported CBU today.
  • A team of skilled technicians makes warranty and spare parts replacement easy, quick and efficient.
  • CONECO road sweeper products have been used in the market with the main line of industrial road sweepers with 5-6 blocks, sweeping in large areas, requiring high loads and large amounts of garbage.

The image of the dashboard of the road sweeper CONECO

Currently, CONECO offers a line of road sweepers using Korean Shinjeong technology to ensure quality, safety, maximum scanning speed, fuel economy, and simple operation.

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In addition, Coneco Corporation manufactures according to customers’ requirements, for more information, please contact Coneco Corporation. With a team of dynamic, dedicated, qualified, professionally trained staff, a production team with 10 years of experience and the business motto: Prestige – Quality – Efficiency – Sustainability. We are committed that with the products we provide, we will meet customers’ expectations in terms of design, type, quality and price.

An Thai Coneco Automobile Factory specializes in the production and official distribution of trucks, dump trucks, and specialized vehicles with brands of HYUNDAI, HINO, ISUZU, HOWO.

Direct image of HINO 5-block road sweeper truck



CONECO  automobile factory specializes in providing specialized vehicle product lines: garbage compactor, garbage compactor, road sweeper, waste suction truck, sewer system… of quality, safety, and cost savings. , accept to do according to customer requirements. Environmentally friendly  – Outstanding class – Ensuring the sustainable development of businesses.

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Xe cuốn ép rác – CONECO

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