Street sweeper is a product line that is not strange in Vietnam’s environmental industry. People are using services from street sweepers, combined with convenient road washing, which helps to reduce the amount of fine dust in the air, safe, green – clean – beautiful environment. In the current industrialization and modernization era, along with economic development in urban areas, the amount of daily household waste is an important issue.

Using street sweepers to collect garbage and clean the streets, saving labor resources, reducing effort, but working efficiency is much higher. This helps the road to be cleaned regularly, ensuring the safety of workers while the street is always clean, minimizing pollution even at night. In addition, the use of street sweepers in industrial parks is also quite convenient, helping to meet the hygiene requirements in industrial parks, the production process goes smoothly, and the work productivity is optimized. So how effective is the road sweeper’s working speed?

Image: Working efficiency of a road sweeper


Today’s modern road sweepers are all structured with a variety of functions and are increasingly improved to suit the environment. They are widely applied and bring many benefits to the community. There are many different lines of industrial road sweepers with different prices, depending on the conditions of use of different businesses to offer a suitable product line.

  • With CONECO’s line of industrial road sweepers  scanning all terrains. Depending on the terrain, the amount of garbage, the average operating speed is in the range of 20-30km/h, the sweeping area is equivalent to 70000m2/h road, equivalent to 20-30 sanitation workers working every day.
  • Using a road sweeper truck to effectively and evenly remove garbage, has a dust-suppressing water spray system to help prevent fine dust from rolling into the air, limiting the phenomenon of back-dispersing dust into the environment, affecting the health of residents. people and urban beauty.
  • The equipped scanning system is a product line manufactured by Korean technology, directly imported and assembled in Vietnam, with the most modern technology for use, which will definitely bring changes. In street cleaning compared to the current period, old street sweepers are available.
  • That light system is convenient enough for street sweeping and environmental cleaning at night and in the morning. This helps to keep it clean without affecting the movement of people, safe for users. The replacement of road sweepers in environmental sanitation helps to reduce the risk of accidents for workers on the road, ensure uniform daily work productivity, and eliminate work risks.

Photo: Workers sweep the streets at night

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Reference specifications on the 6.5 block road sweeper:

  • Motor: used to rotate turbine suction unit, hydraulic pump and water pump, depending on road conditions, the number of revolutions can be increased to suck all objects.
  • Blower set capacity 200m3/min, connected to the motor
    Suction system: both left and right are available, making it convenient to sweep both sides of the road without having to go in the opposite direction, the scanning area is still wide. The size of the straw is 640x250mm, the diameter of the straw is  φ250mm, using a flexible plastic pipe with a steel core. In case of large suction object, the tube will expand and suck large objects, the largest object can suck 80mmx200mmx80mm
  • The brush of the sweeping system is controlled by an external valve connected to the cylinder and a hydraulic motor, the brush can rotate at different speeds, All control buttons are located on the control panel in the cabin. Side brush size φ700mm, 2 side brushes, hydraulic motor, steel material, edge brush can be raised, lowered, turned left, right thanks to the valve system, the right brush can adjust the angle when needed. . The middle rotating brush size 1400mm x φ400mm, includes a brush, 120 rpm, uses plastic side, moves up and down to roll dust into the nozzle.
  • The dust suppression system is imported from Korea, the trash can holds 6.5m3, the pouring angle is 50 degrees, making it easy to empty and clean the car. Inside there is a dust filter system, dust suppression, water tank up to 6m3.

The road sweeper (sweeper truck) of the CONECO special-use vehicle factory is an industrial line, using large capacity, helping to handle dust and dirt on a large area quickly. Choosing the right street sweeper product line speeds up cleaning of the area to be cleaned as well as optimizing productivity and work efficiency.

Photo: Industrial road sweeper on the street

In addition, Coneco Corporation manufactures according to customers’ requirements, for more information, please contact Coneco Corporation. With a team of dynamic, dedicated, qualified, professionally trained staff, a production team with 10 years of experience and the business motto: Prestige – Quality – Efficiency – Sustainability. We are committed that with the products we provide, we will meet customers’ expectations in terms of design, type, quality and price.

An Thai Coneco Automobile Factory specializes in the production and official distribution of trucks, dump trucks, and specialized vehicles with brands of HYUNDAI, HINO, ISUZU, HOWO.



CONECO  automobile factory specializes in providing specialized vehicle product lines: garbage compactor, garbage compactor, road sweeper, waste suction truck, sewer system… of quality, safety, and cost savings. , accept to do according to customer requirements. Environmentally friendly  – Outstanding class – Ensuring the sustainable development of businesses.

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