Competence and Technology

From the capabilities and requirements of the market, the challenges of innovation and international economic integration, Coneco Corporation is constantly building its own path by diversifying products such as:

  • Manufacturing and assembling cars: dump trucks, trucks, special-purpose vehicles
  • Supplying construction machinery and equipment of reputable companies such as: Komatsu, Kobelco, Hitachi, Sakai, Daewoo, Tamrock, Kawasaki, Hyundai…
  • Distributing genuine auto parts of Hyundai, DongFeng brands
  • Production and installation of stone crushing lines of brands: Kobelco, Kawasaki…
  • Paper and packaging production
  • Producing construction materials and supplying machinery, equipment and spare parts for the transportation, construction and mining industries.

Taking advantage of the Company’s strengths, being sharp in seizing opportunities, grasping customer needs in each region of the country. Coneco Corporation has expanded its scale and strengthened its system of branches and agents nationwide in order to effectively develop comprehensively in each field. Currently, the network of subsidiaries and agents of Coneco Corporation stretches across provinces and cities across the country.

Coneco Corporation’s head office is located at 58 Thien Duc Street, Yen Vien, Gia Lam, Hanoi, designed and equipped with modern equivalent to the offices of international organizations in Hanoi. This address includes Coneco Trading Joint Stock Company, and Coneco Construction Machinery Equipment Joint Stock Company.

Coneco Trading Joint Stock Company with charter capital of 20 billion dong is a reputable unit specializing in buying, selling, assembling, maintaining and maintaining automobiles, construction machinery, and means of transport.

Construction machinery equipment joint stock company with charter capital up to 39 billion dong is a reputable unit for many years in trading production materials, consumer materials, auto repair, mechanical processing. . system of stores and parking lots displaying large products such as:

  • Parking lot and construction machinery at Thanh Tri Bridge – Gia Lam – Hanoi.

As an enterprise operating in many fields and having extensive experience in manufacturing and assembling automobiles, supplying machinery and construction equipment… Currently, Coneco Corporation is actively operating in the field of mining. stone waterfall. Notably, Hong Son quarry is one of the largest quarries in 59 quarries currently being exploited in Ha Tinh. In 2007, Coneco Central Joint Stock Company was established in Ky Phuong commune, Ky Anh, Ha Tinh with a charter capital of 10 billion.

Coneco Central is operating very efficiently, exploiting area of over 10 hectares. With modern international standard mining equipment installed by Coneco Corporation, Coneco Central is exploiting an average monthly output of more than 9,300 cubic meters of stone. In addition, Coneco Central is also a reputable unit in the installation of stone crushing lines, trusted and used by many agencies and businesses throughout the country.

Hai Phong and Lang Son are two important nodes of the country’s key economic quadrangle, currently attracting a lot of domestic and foreign investment. Seizing that opportunity, Coneco Corporation boldly expanded production, invested in building PAPCO Printing and Packaging Joint Stock Company at address 30 of 78 Le Loi, Ngo Quyen ward, Hai Phong city.

This is a company that mainly operates in the field of printing and packaging such as: producing paper packaging, printing product labels, packaging products with paper and materials instead of paper; printing books, magazines, stamps and labels of cultural products, management forms; trading in products of packaging, labels, and materials for packaging and printing production. In addition, the Company also expands its activities in the field of equipment repair services for water transport vehicles, repair and installation of refrigeration equipment.

With modern advanced production lines (Offset printers, high quality products), a team of 370 skilled workers, PAPCO’s products are always appreciated by the market for quality and design. Double with competitive price advantage. Papco’s product output is now up to 70-80 billion tons/year.

Expanding business in the field of building materials, another unit of Coneco Corporation is Bat Trang – Coneco Ancient Brick Joint Stock Company in Block 8, Cao Loc Town, Cao Loc District – Lang Son Province. specializes in manufacturing all kinds of construction bricks, tunnel bricks, decorative bricks, tiles… Applying the unique ceramic production technology of Bat Trang Ancient Pottery Village, Coneco Bat Trang’s brick and tile products always ensure quality. leading in diverse designs, bright colors, high quality. Although newly established in 2008, the company has built trust in the hearts of partners and customers in terms of form, product quality, and competitive prices. With a staff of more than 200 people, brick production output reaches 20 million bricks/year, the company completely meets the demand for bricks and tiles of large and key projects.

One of the most efficient and profitable units of Coneco Corporation today is An Thai Coneco automobile assembly plant at Lot B3 Nguyen Duc Canh Industrial Park, Bui Vien Street, Thai City Jar. The current main business lines of the factory are:

  • Importing and assembling vehicles from 1 to 28 tons of Dongfeng China, Hyundai Korea
  • Importing and assembling specialized vehicles, petrol tankers, sprinkler trucks, rescue trucks, 3-legged dump trucks, self-propelled cranes…
  • Selling high quality Japanese construction machinery

With a modern assembly line, a team of skilled and well-trained workers, An Thai Coneco automobile factory has designed, assembled and produced many types of cars of good quality and appearance. beautiful and suitable for all types of terrain and market requirements… These products always have high features, great reliability and reasonable price. The main products that An Thai Coneco automobile factory is currently assembling: Dump truck: 4.95 tons per bridge; 4.95 tons of two bridges; 7 tons of one and two bridges; 8 tons. Dump truck: 4.95 tons; 7.5 tons, 8 tons. Specialized vehicles: Rescue trucks, garbage trucks, self-propelled cranes, road sprayers, industrial liquefaction trucks, concrete mixers.

In the process of integrating into the global economy, entering the level playing field and fierce competition, the observance of quality standards, requirements on form, topography, environment and lowering product costs is important. survival of businesses. Understanding those principles, An Thai Coneco has cooperated with major foreign partners, carefully studied the terrain, climate, and customer needs in Vietnam, on that basis, An Thai Coneco has brought to consumers. using the most optimal products in terms of quality, appearance, cost, fuel economy than other products of the same type, increasing competitiveness and bringing great profits to customers.

With experience in the field of automotive design and assembly, modern assembly lines, a team of skilled and elite workers, dedicated to serving customers. An Thai Coneco automobile factory is currently one of the reputable and leading units in providing automobiles, machinery, equipment and means of transport for businesses in the Vietnamese market.

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